Diginova Health Solutions, based in Dubai, empower proven and enterprise-ready digital health technologies by providing commercial and technical support, developing regional proof-of-concept projects, and building essential partnerships. It provides services to international and regional companies to amplify the impact of their GCC expansion plans;presents the investors, who are eager to invest in digital health, with unique investment opportunities.
Diginova aims to improve outcomes by educating people on diseases before they become patients through the execution of digitally enabled solutions that move healthcare from the hospital into the home, helping vulnerable groups to live better life. The fast-changing healthcare environment is increasing the demand of advanced technology and innovative care models. It addresses the challenges facing the current healthcare system by working with its partners to implement winning strategies. Diginova is dedicated to introducing change and adaptability in highly dynamic environments. It integrates different sectoral interests to build sustainable incentives for innovative service provisions, fostering collaboration across the healthcare value chain to encourage stakeholder alignment.