InnoHealth Magazine

InnoHEALTH magazine is first of its kind in India, only focusing on the innovations in healthcare. People can interact with the community by writing articles, blogs, present and showcase innovations at our conference ‘InnoHEALTH’. InnovatioCuris in many ways is a movement to bring out the best in innovation by mobilizing the health sector experts worldwide and pave the innovation path. We have created a network of 78,000+ global experts, large enough to allow us to sustain and grow the movement.

Our endeavor is to co-create with the community pilot interventions by bringing right and credible technology from across the globe to reduce the healthcare delivery cost. An innovator need not be a genius or highly qualified but should be passionate for the cause, have an idea to incubate and make it happen. We are committed to creating a platform of IC to all the stakeholders to make a difference in healthcare delivery cost by innovation with the use of technology, yet maintaining the quality. It is to ideate, innovate, create and impact healthcare delivery for the have-nots.

The magazine has a high-powered team of global advisors and editors. Innovation is not new to India, as 3600 years back, Aryabhatta, an Indian mathematician innovated Shunya (Zero), which means nothing, but if put on the right side of figure it can go up to infinity. We too, if on the right track, can reach infinite levels of innovation and excellence. We are confident that all the readers will contribute and guide us in achieving our vision and objective.

The stakeholders of InnoHEALTH Magazine are hospitals, policymakers, doctors, healthcare IT, companies, ambassadress, institutes, ministers, IC Club members and etc.