Industry giants collaborating to deliver next generation precision diagnostics

Investment in precision medicine and diagnostics continues to grow, with Konica Minolta Precision Medicine (KMPM) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announcing a collaboration to deliver a ground-breaking integrated diagnostic platform.

The five-year program will result in the development of an integrated diagnostic platform that combines genomics, pathology and radiology data, together with information about clinically relevant biomarkers. AWS has made a financial investment in KMPM to facilitate the development of the system, and they bring with them a secure informatics infrastructure that is vital to the development of precision medicine and the large volumes of complex data they require.

The platform will allow advanced diagnostic tools to be made available to researchers to use, for example in clinical trials. It will also accelerate drug discovery programs, helping clinicians deliver focussed and effective treatments. “One of the cornerstones of precision medicine is precision diagnostics, and we are excited to collaborate with KMPM to enhance and accelerate their innovative offerings and help deliver precision diagnosis at a global scale,” said Taha Kass-Hout, Director of Machine Learning at AWS. “We’re seeing a renaissance in the healthcare and life sciences industry as more organizations leverage cloud technology on AWS to uncover new ways to reduce cost, improve patient outcomes, and ultimately save lives.”

Kiyotaka Fujii, Chairman of KMPM, added, “One of the most significant challenges to the advancement of precision medicine has been the lack of an infrastructure to support translational bioinformatics. We will be able to help our customers use the power of these unique datasets to find novel associations and signals. KMPM will be better positioned to innovate, collaborating with our expert team of data scientists, developers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical partners at scale, and reducing the time it takes to move from insight to discovery.”