Precision Biopharma Therapeutics Zone

PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit’s focus on precision biopharma therapeutics is yet another reason for stakeholders and actors in healthcare to attend and to get to grips with a field of disruption that is already in the process of transforming our approach to disease and has potential to deliver benefits to patient communities.

Its three-day conference and specialized exhibitor zone for suppliers of biopharma therapeutics and delivery devices is an essential part of the jigsaw and the show’s status as the only dedicated event in MENA for personalized and precision medicine.

Precision therapeutics has gained substantial traction, driven by rapid technological progress in genetic sequencing and the exploitation of molecular-targeted drugs. Biopharma is at the cusp of turning medicine on its head, through hyper tailored therapies with capacity to cure or prevent disease rather just treat it.

Modern science increasingly allows healthcare providers to differentiate diseases using a comprehensive array of data sources, spanning from genomic insights to digital health metrics. It now has capacity to facilitate a personalized, evidence-based decision-making process regarding theranostic (diagnostic and treatment) strategies, diverging from the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to patient care.

There are many drivers in the radical change we are seeing. The role of theranostic agents in precision medicine, for instance, has undergone a remarkable upswing, reshaping the landscape of treatment strategies for an assortment of human diseases, encompassing cancers, neurological conditions, and inflammatory ailments. Precision therapeutics has opened the door to the utilization of nanocarriers in the realm of drug delivery, heralding significant developments in the field of nanomedicine. And recent investigations have showcased the safe delivery of precision therapeutics using unconventional vehicles like exosomes and liposomes, presenting promising alternatives with minimal associated toxicity.

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Stand space is being snapped up quickly. Exhibitors can expect a highly targeted event experience with none of the visitor wastage of larger more general B2B events. BOOK YOUR STAND TODAY and guarantee and secure a point of sale for engagement and business return.

Speaker applications invited. Top level experts in the field of pharma and bio pharma are invited to apply to speak in our world leading summit. This event is about understanding of precision medicine and clinical adoption of the solutions and services that fall under its umbrella. If you are a leader in the field of biopharma therapeutics and have something truly ground-breaking to say, SUBMIT YOUR SPEAKER APPLICATION TODAY.

Join us. Be a part of something truly exciting. The future of medicine is as targeted as it is precise!

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